SportsZilla International Scholarship Program 2019-2020

SportsZilla Scholarship Program

3 Scholarship

Each Worth 1000 USD Dollars


SportsZilla is organizing the Cricket promotion Scholarship program in the specific field of sports. Just keeping in mind that the need for sports and other physical activities is part of life. The company/organization aims to assist the new users to get the public interest as this scheme is helpful for the peoples who are grounded by the popular things like tech and electronics mind.

The very increasing trend in the technology era mostly in Mobile phones, Computer, Laptops, Tablets that makes every youth dependent on technology and that is why there are so many diseases aries in the youth like heart diseases and the sleeping disorders also.

So, we value the sports activities and we have to organize these scholarship programs for those who are interested and eligible for this only. For that purpose we have created, The SportsZilla international scholarship programs for the undergraduate or postgraduate students with the great passion of the writing skills.



Half-year Scholarship with a value of $1000. There will be two-time options available to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship will be decided through Writing Skills and awarded to those who can get the top 3 positions.


  • The students applying for the scholarship must be enrolled in the university (Please Mention the University Name and enrolment no).
  • A student must have to provide a recommendation letter from the Unit Controller or Head of the Department.
  • Must have strong analytical skills and excellent writing ability so that we have easy to decide.
  • University Registration Letter.
  • student must have an SGPA of 3.0 or higher from the most recent Semester.


  • Open (The Scholarship will close on March 2020)

Submit an article of 1000 words or more, please elaborate on:

Choose any topic from the following

  • Health
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Balanced Diet
  • Sports like cricket and others will be in progress.
  • Healthy LifeStyle
  • Importance of Sports in Life 

The students must provide the Name of University and educational level (Grad or Post Grad).



So After all the part of submitting the article so below is the form where you can submit your article. we just ask the details to contact the winner. Most important the articles should be in the.Docx format. Please apply within the time Article submitted after the mentioned due date that will not be acceptable.

Our aim is to provide equal opportunity for each student applying for the scholarship. The names of the 3 Winners will be displayed here. The winners will be notified through email. Winners of the Scholarship will be asked for a testimonial to be placed on the site to help encourage future students to participate actively more in such activities. Wish you the best of luck!!!