Watch PSL Live Streaming 2020 – PSL 5

PSL Live streaming 2020

The wait is just about to be over as PSL Live Streaming 2020¬†will commence in just a few weeks. This season is going to be the biggest in the history of Pakistan. The additional venues of Multan and Rawalpindi are ready to host their first string of PSL matches. All the sports networks have completed […]

PSL 2020 Local Player Category List – PSL 5

Psl 5 local players

PSL 2020 local player category list is filled with young talent and each team has special spots for them. As PSL 2020 seeks to promote Cricket in Pakistan it also seeks to encourage the sport among youngsters. Musa Khan, Ali Imran, Nabi Gul, and Ahsan Ali are some of the emerging stars in PSL. The […]

Pakistan Super League 2020 News & dates – PSL 5

PSL 2020 draft date

As the month draws closer, Pakistan Super League 2020 news is beginning to crawl up on the internet. Fans are dying to see their favorite players battle it out on the grounds of Lahore and Karachi. As the two cities are on their way to host huge portions of the PSL 2020 matches. Along with […]